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At ADVNZ, we strongly believe that organizational success is defined by the depth of the relationship between organizations and their customers.

Businesses that are committed to deliver on the ever-changing customer needs will prevail. Building customer trust means making every interaction count. It could be the last one.

We are a team of experienced technical architects, process consultants, communication engineers, and developers that have set out to link the world of CRM with the world of communication. Understanding your customer is great. Communicating with your customers on their choice channels is what will make them fall in love with your brand.

“At ADVNZ, we want to lead the transformation towards customer-centricity. A business’ chance of success directly correlates with its willingness to unconditionally put its customers and employees at the core of what it does. We want to contribute to this transformation by linking the worlds of CRM and communication technologies.”

Jonathan Seoane - Managing Director - ADVNZ

Linking the worlds of CRM and
communication technologies.


Jonathan Seoane
Jonathan Seoane
Managing Director

After completing his master in telecommunications engineering, Jonathan advised enterprise organizations to define and execute on cloud migration projects. In this context, Jonathan led large scale digitization projects in complex corporate structures. As a technical architect, he then joined an aggressively scaling swiss e-commerce startup, heading the company's customer engagement platform's technical development. In 2014, Jonathan co-founded the insurtech company wefox (biggest insurtech in Europe) as Chief Technical Officer while taking on the role as Chief Operating Officer later in his tenure. As a seasoned technical architect, Jonathan covers all project stages from requirement analysis, solution design to integration modeling, and actual implementation.