Salesforce Service Cloud: Customer Service Platform Enabling Unforgettable Customer Experiences

Equip customer service agents to delight customers

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer relationship management platform (CRM) that easily integrates with various technology tools to deliver a 360-degree view of the customer. Service agents can leverage unified customer information to ignite exceptional customer experiences and meet customers' future needs through cross-selling and upselling. Companies employ Salesforce Service Cloud to automate processes, eliminate long service queues, personalize customer experiences and empower their workforce to work smarter, not harder.

How Salesforce Service Cloud drives premium customer service

Salesforce Service Cloud

360-degree customer view

Gauge customer expectations, resolve issues faster and identify new opportunities to improve customer experience by unifying customer information, from account set up, past interactions to recent purchases.

Facilitates personalization

Deliver a personalized customer experience by utilizing a centralized database and AI-powered insights to support the new ultra-connected customer journey and ensure high customer retention.

Boosts efficiency

Optimize service procedures by bringing innovative processes such as intelligent case routing to agents based on their skillset and availability.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Automates intelligently

Leverage Service Cloud CRM to automate repetitive tasks or streamline internal operations such as agent onboarding or IT ticketing.

Leverages analytics

Follow customers through their journey with the Service Analytics dashboard that combines marketing, service, and sales data to forecast the next best action for the customer.

Mobilizes the workforce

Access Salesforce Service Cloud on the go, and enable Field Service agents online and offline access to information with Salesforce's Lightning Mobile App.


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Salesforce Service Cloud Reliability


Salesforce provides multitenant architecture and state-of-the-art security and compliance control. Companies can regulate authentication, permissions, data access, encryption, and more. With Salesforce, companies don't need to worry about server performance or outages; instead, they can focus on scalable and secure business growth.


Salesforce Service Cloud shines a light on customer's activities such as case history, interaction preference, or purchase habits to equip agents with the valuable insight they can leverage and act upon quickly.


Salesforce ecosystem

Salesforce ecosystem offers various solutions that can natively fuse into a comprehensive technology stack for optimal business performance. Salesforce also fosters a collaborative community by providing knowledge and app exchange platforms for its customers, such as Trailhead and AppExchange.


A wide range of industry-leading technology solutions easily integrate with Salesforce CRM through APIs. By implementing Salesforce CRM, companies can rest assured their platform is future-proofed and will continue to evolve to meet the demands of even the most advanced use cases.


Salesforce is continuously being labeled as the best customer service platform by independent researchers such as Gartner. Salesforce releases new platform updates three times per year, always building up on the latest AI technologies — like CRM-connected chatbots or image recognition.

Salesforce Service Cloud empowers

Personalized Real-time Service
Create innovative customer service workflows to satisfy the ever-growing demand for personalization with Salesforce Service Cloud. The CRM platform facilitates personalization by bringing a 360-degree customer view to the agent's console combined with automation tools such as AI-powered chatbots and activity alerts when the agent's attention is required. Customer service agents are empowered to meet the customers on their preferred channel, including Chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, and pull the data together to deliver a tailored service for each customer.
Build self-service portals with useful content to help your customers help themselves. Salesforce Service Cloud brings tools for companies to set up knowledge bases such as articles or FAQs, so customers can access important information before they even speak to an agent. Companies can also use the platform to bring Salesforce data into the portal and design processes that assist customers with account management, transaction processing, or appointment bookings. Furthermore, companies can build employee-focused portals to help their workforce quickly find answers to standard HR and IT questions.

How does Salesforce Service Cloud work?

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer service software that supplies the pillars of modern customer service and call center management. Companies can employ the Salesforce Service Cloud Voice to deliver phone-based service or integrate with other solutions such as Amazon Connect or Twilio Flex. Salesforce Service Cloud combines all data points into one unified view with Mulesoft Anypoint Platform. The Salesforce AI, known as Einstein AI, lets you elevate your service processes with smart insights and recommendations. With Service Cloud CRM, companies can enjoy trust, security, innovation, and scalability to design the best service-based operation as well as connect different company departments by developing internal time-saving processes with HR and IT.

Integrate Salesforce Service Cloud with Cloud Telephony

Salesforce Service Cloud brings Service Cloud Voice for agents to provide cloud-powered phone-based service regardless of their location. Enable Service Voice to leverage cloud telephony in the platform or incorporate third-party solutions such as Amazon Connect or Twilio Flex. By integrating Service Cloud with cloud-based call center software, companies can modernize their infrastructure with intelligent cloud telephony, IVR, and call routing fueled by CRM data. Learn more about cloud-based call center software solutions such as Amazon Connect or Twilio Flex. [insert links to product pages]

Salesforce Service Cloud Features

Case Management

Case Management

Service Cloud brings automatic case routing to agents based on their capabilities and availability. With case management functionality, agents can inspect the customer's chronological timeline in the form of a news feed, including customer voicemails or email updates. Managing cases from a unified platform allows agents to follow predefined steps to resolve a specific case or meet compliance regulations, resulting in a higher volume of first-contact resolutions and improved customer experience.

Omnichannel Call Center Management

Omnichannel presence and routing help the call center to intelligently prioritize customer cases and solve them faster. Salesforce Service Cloud enables service teams to deliver personalized service across different channels such as social media, website, phone, and email. By applying AI, customized workspaces, integrating data streams, and automating case routing, call center agents can effectively meet customers on any channel to deliver data-driven and personalized service.

Workforce Engagement

Workforce engagement allows call center leaders to organize their workforce by bringing the right agents with the right skill set to any channel. The tool brings functionalities together to provide a base for flexible call center management. With workforce engagement, call center administrators can forecast call center demand and prepare for it in advance. Simultaneously, the agents can enjoy on-demand training by bringing Salesforce learning modules into their user interface.

Einstein AI

 Einstein AI

Einstein AI is a Salesforce-native AI technology that underpins the Service Cloud platform. Companies can employ Einstein AI to analyze incoming cases and predict case fields using Einstein Case Classification. Call centers can utilize Einstein Case Routing to automate the initial case triage process by automatically applying predictions and routing cases to the right agents. Moreover, Einstein AI, combined with both Salesforce and third-party data, uncovers deep customer insights to deliver recommended actions for agents with Einstein Next Best Action functionality.

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