Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM: Refine The End-To-End Sales Process For Superior Results

Optimize sales to drive business growth with Sales Cloud CRM

Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM brings automation and workflow capabilities to upgrade sales' team performance for a faster return on investment. Companies can streamline, reiterate and scale sales processes through easy-to-use features designed to unify internal teams and strengthen customer relationships. Sales Cloud provides an all-in-one sales CRM platform to track leads, turn them into opportunities, and close deals while keeping your customers satisfied.

Expedite Your Selling With Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud, Grow revenue

Grow revenue

Empower sales teams to connect with leads and opportunities by applying data-driven insights so they close more deals faster.

Automate manual tasks

Cut unnecessary admin tasks out of the sales process with Sales Cloud features that automatically track and store invaluable customer information for the sales team.

Understand leads

Salesforce Sales Cloud,  Understand leads

Ensure lead data is tracked and up-to-date to accurately score and route leads to sales reps for the best possible customer experience.

Streamline communication

Track contacts, events, and tasks to sync them with your CRM data, so your sales team is always acquainted with the latest contact interactions.

Unify lead to cash

Employ additional Salesforce features for optimal quote configuration and automated pricing to deliver tailored product or service proposals to customers in an accelerated timeframe.

Forecast sales performance

Gain a complete view of the sales pipeline to drive better decisions and reiterate the sales approach as necessary.

Align teams internally

Line up internal teams with file sharing and collaboration features by bringing the most accurate product specs, contract documents, and price lists to avoid any mistakes along the way.

Optimize workflows

Build workflows that support sales agents through repetitious sales stages, such as qualification conversations or creating complex proposals.


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Mobile CRM, Salesforce App for iOS and Android


Sales Cloud is built upon a cloud infrastructure to eradicate the risk and cost associated with on-premise solutions. Employees can access the CRM from their home, office, or on the go through Salesforce App.

360-degree customer view

With a complete overview of customers' interactions and the stage of their journey, sales agents can understand and anticipate their customers' unique needs and preferences.

AI-powered sales

Sales Cloud brings Einstein AI to enable sales agents to sell faster and smarter. Sales teams can have a real-time overview of the sales pipeline to find new optimization opportunities.

Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM enables businesses to scale faster

Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM

Accelerate sales productivity

Salesforce Sales Cloud enables companies to design and automate any business process through Workflows and Approvals with drag-and-drop ease. The platform opens the door to productive teamwork by offering secure file sharing, discussing, and collaborating functionalities. Moreover, Sales Cloud enables sales reps to define factors to estimate how likely the lead is to convert, which ensures lead prioritization and, in return, saves time and effort.

Advance from data to insight

Salesforce Sales Cloud offers out-of-the-box Reports and Dashboards to ensure sales reps have instant access to the business's real-time status. With the Sales Forecasting feature, companies can move from manual data processing and obtain forecasts that help predict and plan the complete sales cycle from the pipeline to closed sales.

Sustain workforce mobility

Salesforce Mobile App

With Salesforce, employees can leverage a cloud-based work environment to log in from anywhere, anytime. Sales Cloud offers built-in functionalities that support the work-from-anywhere model to expedite the new way of doing business. Salesforce Mobile App is available for iOS and Android, and it delivers the tools for sales reps to perform flawlessly regardless of their location.

How does Salesforce Sales Cloud work?

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud CRM is a cloud-based platform that eliminates hidden costs and lengthy implementations of on-premise solutions. Because Sales Cloud streams data back to the cloud in real-time, all of your customer information is up-to-date, centralized, and available anytime, from any device. Sales Cloud facilitates personalized experiences with your customers, as it follows them along the sales process, from lead nurturing campaigns to intuitive deal tracking. Sales Cloud CRM supports a future-focused approach with continuous feedback-driven updates of the platform. Salesforce continuously invests in technologies that lead to customer success, from mobile to artificial intelligence to smarter collaboration. The Sales Cloud CRM boosts sales process management of various industries, and with its customization components such as clicks-not-code or AppExchange marketplace access, companies can tailor and scale their processes to fit their unique needs.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Features

Contact Management

Take advantage of consolidated contact data such as interaction and purchase history, internal discussions, or even contacts' social media content to understand their opinions or challenges more holistically.

Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management

Successfully manage your opportunities throughout their journey and leverage real-time updates to react when necessary. Optimize the process by employing email templates, automatic quotes, or revenue and quantity schedules.

Mobile App

Set your workforce free by facilitating sales on the go. With Salesforce App for iOS and Android, sales reps can log calls, act on updates, or review dashboards to track sales performance from anywhere.

Lead Management

Enable your sales reps to prioritize leads and save time by focusing on the ones that bring revenue. Understand your leads by tracking their activities and use the data to design the perfect sales and marketing approach.

Opportunity and Account Insights

Employ Einstein AI to learn from your CRM data and deliver meaningful sales insights, such as recommended next steps to turn an opportunity into a customer.

Workflow and Approvals

Support sales agility with custom-designed workflows that support their processes. Deploy approval processes that fit your business needs, no matter how simple or complex they might be.

Files Sync and Share

 Files Sync and Share

Expedite collaboration and enable secure file sharing for sales reps to speed up the information transfer and eliminate mistakes.

Reports and Dashboards

Gain a complete overview of the sales pipeline or dig deep into employee or process metrics to better understand where optimization is needed.

Sales Forecasting

Use Sales Forecasting to predict future outcomes and provide timely updates to help management make decisions and plan their actions accordingly.

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