Twilio Flex: Omnichannel Call Center Software In The Cloud

Twilio Flex

Greet Customers Where They Are With Twilio Flex

Twilio Flex is a cloud-based call center software that helps you engage, serve, and connect with customers via multiple communications channels while cutting costs and mitigating any software constraints and lengthy deployments. With limitless platform flexibility powered by industry-leading APIs, Twilio Flex simplifies call center management, accelerates customer service, and boosts customer satisfaction.

Enhance Your Call Center with Twilio Flex

Boost the customer experience

Twilio Flex call center software brings cloud capacity, connectivity, and scalability to unify multiple communication channels - so you can focus on providing a memorable experience for your customers.

Design the perfect system

Fine-tune Twilio’s platform to fit the exact needs of your customers, agents, and administrators. Use Flex UI to create the desired interface and Twilio Studio to build and manage workflows.

User Interface of Twilio Flex

Automate intelligently

Streamline your call center operations by creating workflows and intelligent routing with Twilio’s attribution-based routing engine TastRouter.

Integrate your systems

Leverage Twilio’s programmability to effortlessly connect your call center software to systems such as CRMs, Workforce Engagement Management suites (WEM), in-house systems, or call center add-ons such as dialers.

Leverage insight

Use existing customer interaction data to track performance trends with Twilio Flex Insights or create custom metrics and KPIs that fit your call center needs.

Employ AI capabilities

Provide a self-service channel for your customers by designing a chatbot with Twilio Autopilot, analyze their intent with Twilio Understand, or integrate Twilio with Google call center AI to obtain further insight.


Supports over 932 billion interactions
Powers communications of 190,000 businesses
Cuts over 30% operational costs
Connects network with 100 nations

Strengths of Twilio Flex

Scalable Call Center Software

Twilio Flex offers developers and administrators full flexibility to design, modify, and scale the solution to match your exact call center workloads.

Omnichannel Presence

Twilio Flex unites various communication channels, including Voice, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WebChat into a single platform to reduce cost and increase customer engagement.

Centralized Customer Support

Twilio Flex enhances the user experience by centralizing task management and engagement workflows into a single user interface that can be further customized to fit your preferred mode of operation.

Built on Super Network Twilio Flex is built on a Super Network, with an average route depth of four providers. By leveraging the cloud architecture underpinning the Super Network, Twilio ensures customers don't have to worry about navigating carrier complexities or outages. Twilio Flex works with the leading carrier partner networks and continuously tests their performance to deliver its customers' best possible connectivity.
Deploys rapidly Twilio Flex is browser-based software, making the deployment simple, easy, and achievable within a week. Administrators can quickly design a custom user interface and integrate data from existing business platforms such as CRM or WFO/WFM. Customers can run the user interface locally, host it in their own cloud environment, or allow Twilio to host their Flex UI on its existing cloud platform without requiring any server or infrastructure maintenance.
Simple to use With Twilio Studio - the drag-and-drop visual editor - customers can build, edit, and manage call center workflows, from order notifications, Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs), to SMS-enabled chatbots. Twilio Flex provides Widgets as basic functionality building blocks for administrators to establish the exact flow that matches your call center use case. By applying custom triggers, your agents can enjoy a tailored and streamlined user experience.

Work remotely with Twilio Flex

 Agents Work Remotely

Twilio Flex call center software delivers outstanding customer experiences regardless of your agent’s location. By switching Flex’s default codec to Opus, customers can obtain superior voice quality remotely while using roughly 50% of the bandwidth.

Compared to more powerful connections within an office, remote environments, such as home offices, usually have lower bandwidth capabilities, which often affects the quality of customer service calls. With Opus being a dynamic codec, you can easily tailor the quality based on the available bandwidth.

How Twilio Flex works?

Twilio Flex provides future-focused organizations with programmable call center software to satisfy the ever-changing demands of modern customer service. Twilio Flex brings tools and capacity for organizations to tailor and scale their call center software according to their specific workloads. By offering API integrations to various communication channels, including WhatsApp, SMS, Video, Voice, and Internet of Things, as well as in-house systems such as CRMs, databases, and automation tools, Twilio Flex ties all of your customer support operations in a single point of view. Organizations can take full control of their communications without worrying about future business demands, as Twilio brings security, compliance, and scalability to them.

Twilio Flex Communication Channels

Twilio Flex: Common Communication Channels

Leverage the common communication channels with Twilio Flex, or add your own with Twilio APIs.

  • Voice
  • SMS
  • Facebook
  • Chat
  • Whatsapp
  • Line
  • VoIP

Twilio Flex Products

Twilio Flex Products

Twilio Pay

Twilio Pay brings a 100% secure payment processing service via phone that can be activated with a single line of code.

Twilio Trust Hub

Trust Hub offers a suite of products to verify communication processes across channels with a single Business Profile in just a few clicks.

Twilio Super SIM

Twilio Super SIM is a universal cellular connectivity platform that connects IoT devices worldwide. With Twilio APIs, organizations can program their connectivity operations and send messages between different devices.

Twilio Interconnect

Twilio Interconnect offers a private connection between Twilio and your specific network to ensure the best possible performance, lowest latency, and data throughput.

Twilio Frontline

Twilio Frontline is a mobile application for consumer-to-employee engagement. Frontline equips agents with capabilities to support consumers regardless of their location.

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