Amazon Connect: Cloud-Based Omnichannel Call Center Software

Create Exceptional Customer Experiences With Amazon Connect

 Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is a call center software that provides omnichannel capabilities to deliver dynamic and personalized customer experiences. Companies can leverage pay-as-you-go pricing, speedy deployment, and cloud-based infrastructure to quickly set-up and scale their call center while alleviating the unnecessary costs of on-premise solutions. Amazon Connect software simplifies call center operations, increases efficiency, and delights customers across voice and chat communication channels.

Advance Your Call Center with Amazon Connect

Call Center with Amazon Connect

Attune to your customers

Connect all communication streams to Amazon Connect's intuitive user interface to better understand and engage customers throughout their journey.

Cut call center costs

Leverage the pay-as-you-go pricing with Amazon Connect to save money and time. Companies can employ extra capabilities or scale them down if call center demand drops while paying only for what is used.

Connect your call center channels

Amazon Connect offers a centralized solution to match all call center requirements such as voice, chat, and task management for a truly omnichannel customer experience.

Simplify call center efforts

Simplify call center efforts

With Amazon Connect, call center users can enjoy a simple code-free set-up to build flows, rules, and reports once and execute them across all channels.

Change quickly

Amazon Connect facilitates call center customization and flexibility by offering native integration with various AWS tools, empowering companies to quickly test and employ innovative features.

Utilize ML-powered insight

Apply embedded real-time and historical analytics such as average queue abandonment time or average handle time to enable call center managers to observe customers every step of the way.

Access anywhere

Build virtual, hybrid, or remote-based call centers with Amazon Connect to enable call center agents to work efficiently regardless of their location.


99.998% to 100% uptime performance
20 minutes to onboard new agents
100% cloud-based
31% average cost reduction
Integration with AWS ecosystem


Amazon Connect 2FA

Amazon Connect is built on industry-leading AWS infrastructure to ensure complete security over your private data. Businesses can employ 2FA and biometric security to strengthen processes further.


Amazon Connect allows companies to expand and innovate faster by employing AWS services to satisfy various call center demands.


Amazon Connect is an open platform providing integrations for leading CRM’s, such as Salesforce and Zendesk, Workforce Management (WFM), and Analytics tools.

Amazon Connect Flexibility


Amazon Connect is a cloud-based software enabling customer service agents to sign-on to work from anywhere, just by applying their PC, internet connection, and headphones.


Amazon Connect cuts deployment time with its ease of use and accelerated agent training and onboarding.

Design a remote, virtual, or hybrid call center

Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect provides the necessary tools to match your customers’ expectations regardless of where you start your omnichannel journey. With cloud-based call center software, enterprises can take down any barriers to work-from-home operations. Amazon Connect allows companies to design invaluable customer service workflows while mitigating expensive legacy cloud or on-premise call center solutions. Companies can empower their agents to sign-in from anywhere in the world by bringing high-quality cross-channel communication capabilities to them. To meet any call center demand, Amazon Connect offers access to AWS’s range of tools and services, as well as 3rd party integrations so that companies can deliver the best possible experience for managers, users, and customers.

Fuse Amazon Connect with your Salesforce CRM instance

 Amazon Connect with your Salesforce CRM

Amazon Connect seamlessly ties into Salesforce CRM through integrations that can be quickly deployed in a few simple steps. Call center managers have the flexibility to prioritize, assign, and track virtually any call center task that agents complete in Salesforce. AWS and Salesforce built an integration to bring Amazon Connect into Service Cloud, connecting phone, digital channels, and CRM data into a single unified console. Whether you want to answer emails, follow up on a customer case in Salesforce, or process customer inquiries, Amazon Connect provides the command center for managing customer data and history for better alignment and enhanced customer service.

How does Amazon Connect work?

Amazon Connect is part of AWS's offering of tools and services designed to meet modern enterprises' technology demands. As a part of AWS's ecosystem, Amazon Connect embeds leading-edge functionalities such as integrated call recording and machine learning to support data-driven performance monitoring and innovation within a call center. Because it offers pricing based on user-consumption, Amazon Connect takes capital investments, long-term commitments, or minimum monthly fees out of the equation and enables companies of any size to deploy the software in as little as minutes. Amazon Connect delivers self-service tools and intelligent automation, such as natural language chatbots, interactive voice response (IVR), and voice authentication while keeping user, administrator, and customer experience at the center of its operational model.

Amazon Connect Features

Amazon Connect Tasks

Amazon Connect Tasks

Amazon Connect Tasks feature enables call center agents to use workflows to design and automate tasks, helping them increase efficiency and accelerate customer issue resolution by prioritizing and tracking all tasks till completion.

Amazon Connect Softphone

To deliver the highest quality audio Amazon Connect enables calls to be made over the internet from a PC, using the Amazon Connect softphone. The Amazon Connect softphone delivers 16kHz audio and is resistant to packet loss to ensure a high-quality call experience.

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles

The Amazon Connect Customer Profiles feature brings customer data to a central point for agents to deliver a personalized customer experience. Companies can unify their customer data from multiple applications, so agents receive all the customer insight automatically when they engage with them.

Amazon Connect Wisdom

Amazon Connect Wisdom

Amazon Connect Wisdom is an ML-powered feature that uses real-time speech analytics to detect customer issues during calls. Based on the speech analysis, Wisdom then searches across knowledge bases to deliver the right answer to the customer query so that agents can provide more accelerated issue resolution.

Amazon Connect Voice ID

Amazon Connect Voice ID is an ML-powered real-time voice analyzing feature that evaluates customer's speech attributes to create a digital voiceprint. This way, customers can mitigate authentication questions and enjoy a more straightforward service.

Amazon Connect Chat

 Amazon Connect Chat

Amazon Connect Chat enables companies to add Natural Language Understanding to automate customer routing from chatbots to human agents based on the conversation context.

Amazon Connect Analytics

Amazon Connect offers real-time and historical analytics for managers to dive deep into call center performance. Amazon Connect Analytics displays essential call center metrics through a dashboard, which allows for further processing to achieve more comprehensive performance insight.

Amazon Connect Contact Lens

Contact Lens feature is the real-time analytics functionality that helps spot call center trends by applying natural language processing and speech-to-text analytics. Contact Lens allows agents to discover discrepancies, detect issues, understand customer sentiment and gain quick product feedback while calls are still in progress.

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