How to take Advantage of COVID Circumstances to Build your Remote Sales Teams


The current COVID era has had a significant impact on all facets of our life including the way we conduct business. Remote working has become very common in present times, and this is sure to play a pivotal role for businesses moving forward.

This article dives into leveraging the current COVID times to create your remote sales teams and empower your reps to take advantage of cloud technology, improving sales operations to generate more revenue for your business.

Need to Transition to Remote Sales Teams Right Now

Remote Sales Teams

There is no denying that the COVID times are difficult for all businesses. In light of these circumstances, companies must make some critical decisions. Most importantly, there is a need to shift from a conventional sales team to a remote one operating from a remote contact center.

One of the primary needs for this transition is to cut down on your expenses and manage your budget. When you run a remote sales team, you will be able to save a lot of your cash that you would have otherwise spend on renting physical office equipment, space, etc. The need to limit your spending and preserve your cash flow is critical for any business in present times. When you have a remote sales team working from their respective homes via a remote contact center, you do not have to worry about these extra expenses.

Furthermore, suppose your business is not in or near a key area. In that case, you are likely to get access to a superior candidate pool if you shift from a conventional sales team to a remote one. Thus, enabling your sales agents to work remotely can open the proverbial door to top drawer candidates you can include in your team.

Besides, managing a remote sales team allows you to empower your sales representatives to create their own success. This, in turn, boosts the efficiency of your business as your people work with more dedication.

Managing your Remote Sales Team in Present COVID Times

Frequently Check in with Daily Communication

A critical thing to do when you manage your remote sales team, particularly during the present COVID times, is to establish constant communication with them. Be sure to schedule regular 1-1 calls as well as team calls. Moreover, you may even want to schedule a team call with your remote sales team once every week or perhaps every other day.

Just because you are not heading to the conventional workplace each day does not mean you are not an integral part of the same work team. There are several ways to keep open and constant communication with phone calls and video conferencing calls. Ensure your remote sales employees know that you are readily available at all times, and those communication channels are always open.

Plus, keep active contact with your remote salesforce working on the front lines from a remote contact center. Regularly update yourself on what they hear from the consumers. Particularly in unpredictable times like right now, staying in touch with your remote sales agents can help you obtain valuable business intelligence data and information.

Assist your Remote Team to Familiarize to Current New Realities

Remote Team

It is quite right that remote Business 2 Business sales teams are finding it difficult to familiarize themselves with the Coronavirus crisis. Your consumers may have experienced a considerable loss in their particular business; hence, they may be postponing any new buying activity. As a result, your own business leads’ pipeline may have vanished.

So, lead from the front; help your remote sales team to acclimatize. Facilitate them in redirecting their customer sales pitches in a certain manner more pertinent to what your consumers require now during the COVID times. Besides, actively listen to what your remote sales team members hear from consumers every day on the phone. Identify the primary problems and challenges that your consumers are facing these days. The pain points of all your customers may have become more basic issues. They may be more concerned regarding “continuing to stay in business” and less concerned regarding “enhancing efficiency.”

During the COVID era, it is an ideal time for your remote sales agents to put all cards on the table and provide consultative services of high value. You need to look at the big picture regarding what your customers and prospects require. Focus on how you can go about helping their business survive and flourish in the present times.

How Twilio Flex can Help to Build Remote Teams

You may be wondering how to build an efficient remote sales team? How to ensure the team works seamlessly without disrupting the rest of your business while enhancing your overall efficiency? There is good news for you. With the Twilio Flex platform, you can create an efficient cloud-based remote contact center that would enable you to build and run a remote sales team.

Using the features of this cloud-based contact center, you can boost the effectiveness of your sales team. Hence, they will be able to sell more and generate more revenue for your business.

One of the best things about Twilio Flex is that it boasts a number of key functionalities. These features can help you build a quality remote contact center, which your remote sales agents would eventually use.

Twilio Flex Key Functionalities

Smart Lead Routing

Taking advantage of the amazing capabilities of the Twilio TaskRouter (more on this later), you get the flexibility to create both easy and complex workflows. Plus, you can build a deal/lead routing that perfectly fulfills the needs of your business. With Twilio Flex’s smart lead routing feature, you can distribute the incoming customer leads between all your remote sales agents effortlessly and efficiently. This can, in turn, help your remote team perform with more effectiveness.

Holistic 360-degree view of all your Customer Leads

You can seamlessly integrate Twilio Flex with a number of useful applications. Besides, it is very much possible to get a holistic view of your customer leads with this incredible remote contact center platform. 

By leveraging this software’s Twilio Application Programming, you can easily connect Flex with important 3rd party applications that include:

  • Zendesk
  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Workforce management applications
  • Workforce optimization applications
  • Ms Dynamics
  • Consumer relationship management application
  • Analytics applications

With all of these integrations, your remote sales team can manage and process their leads efficiently with no hassle at all!

Communication Tracking

Twilio Flex boasts advanced communication tracking features that you can use to keep track of all your customer touchpoints and correspondence, calls, SMS, emails. You can then leverage this critical information to sell wisely and smartly and reach out to a wider customer base.

Superior Performance Control

Twilio Flex Insights is a great feature of the platform, offering detailed insight into all the conversations between your customers and sales agents. Custom and out-of-the-box data views enable you to work your way down from Key Performance Indicators (top-level) to individual segments of conversations. Moreover, Twilio Flex Insights provides built-in integrated dashboards for managing and monitoring Key Performance Indicators vital for several remote contact centers and sales teams.

In addition, Twilio Flex Insights provides managers, supervisors, and team leaders the ability to evaluate conversations and offer comprehensive feedback on agent performance.

Scalability and Flexibility

Twilio Flex Communication Channels

With Twilio Flex, you can easily scale your remote contact center and extend your remote teams by branching out, rolling out to new countries, and broadening your customer base. Besides, you have ample flexibility with Twilio Flex. If the COVID pandemic forces your sales agents to stay at home, they already have the setup and all the essential tools ready. Hence, they can continue working remotely from home with no interruptions.

While working from home, your remote sales teams also have the freedom to choose from a number of communication channels that include

  • Voice: you can utilize it in 180 nations around the world with PSTN support
  • Chat
  • SMS
  • Facebook
  • Line
  • Whatsapp

What to Know about the Twilio TaskRouter

Twilio TaskRouter

The Twilio TaskRouter is another integral component of a cloud-based contact center. It can offer massive help to your remote sales teams and agents.

Twilio TaskRouter, a skill-based routing system, provides the crux of a remote contact center that you can fully manage from your source code.

You can match all of the customer-related tasks to your remote sales agents with the help of flexible routing logic. You can do this while upholding all fallback and escalation rules. TaskRouter is capable of tracking all the members of your remote sales team's active state and their assigned tasks. It can constantly monitor their performance and allows you to create the perfect consumer experience.

With Twilio TaskRouter, you can efficiently distribute tasks like leads, phone calls, and support tickets to your remote sales agents.

Here are some examples of TaskRouter application:

  • Assign and prioritize Customer Relationship Management cases to your remote sales agents to ensure they can handle them competently.
  • Call distribution to your remote contact center sales agents: TaskRouter fully supports and enables prevalent features needed in remote contact center environments like task prioritization and skills-based routing.
  • Leads distribution to your remote sales teams: Business rules of TaskRouter give control over prioritization so that the remote teams are constantly working on the most critical opportunities.

Twilio Flex beyond COVID 19: The Future of Remote Sales Teams and Contact Centers

Contact Centers (cloud-based)

The present COVID 19 pandemic has prompted several businesses worldwide to swiftly implement remote contact centers (cloud-based) for their sales teams to allow remote working. Remote sales teams and contact centers will likely become more prevalent in the future post-Coronavirus.

With the help of cloud-based contact center technology like Twilio Flex, organizations will be better positioned to leverage the most advanced communication technologies. They will be able to manage all their remote teams and agents with greater efficiency.

Also, remote contact centers need to evaluate their overall technological environment to identify precise areas to be more efficient. This is important to consider, both in present uncertain times and when things come back to normal beyond the COVID era.

Wrapping it Up

To summarize: right now is an excellent opportunity for businesses to jump on the “remote sales teams” bandwagon and boost their efficiency and customer experience. It is true that no one exactly knows what the post-COVID world has in store for us. However, by implementing cloud-based contact center solutions similar to the Twilio Flex platform, organizations can increase their work efficiency. They can support their remote sales teams to sell more and generate more revenue now and in the future as well.

There is no doubt that by leveraging modern technology, you can do wonders for your remote teams and your business.

Contact one of our experienced consultants at ADVNZ today if you would like to shift gears and implement a cloud-based remote contact center. Your sales agents can use it to drive your business growth. Just fill out the contact form, and one of our representatives will get back to you! You can rest assured our team is more than qualified to help with your remote contact center needs.

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