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The Salesforce Sales Cloud is undoubtedly the ideal CRM solution for your business needs if you want to centralize your important sales data. You can utilize this data to secure more deals and efficiently connect all your sales team members, among other things. 

Let us look at what this incredible platform can do for your business and the many reasons why you need to implement one in your organization. 

Salesforce: What is it and What does it do? 

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a leading CRM application (cloud-based) that Salesforce has designed to help your teams sell quicker and smarter. The former centralizes all of the critical information of customers, touch point with your business, and fully automates most of the tasks the sales teams perform daily. That means your salespeople will be spending more time finalizing deals and less time on routine administration activities. 

When you talk about your supervisors and managers, Salesforce Sales Cloud provides real-time visibility into their team's activities. Hence, forecasting revenue confidently becomes relatively easy. The best part is that the Salesforce Sales Cloud is incredibly easy to use for anyone. It is adaptable as well; you can adapt it to how your sales team members work. (We will be looking into the advantages in detail later in this article). 

Salesforce Sales Cloud: Top Features 

These are some of the best features of the Salesforce Sales Cloud that make it one of the best CRM platforms available on the market. 

Contact and Account Management 

Get a full 360 degrees view of your consumers, including the history of activity, customer interactions, vital contacts, and internal discussions regarding accounts. 

With consumer contact management's help, you can gain easy and quick access to essential consumer data.. Thus, you will acquire a detailed picture of each consumer of yours –from the deals they are actively involved in to the valuable insights on dealing with them. 

Files Sharing and Sync 

Files Sharing and Sync

The file sharing feature of Salesforce Sales Cloud makes it easy to collaborate and share files, publish the most relevant and best possible content, and keep track of all of it in real-time. You can swiftly find what you want on any device (laptop, smartphone, etc.) and from any place in the world. 

As a small-sized team, you can collaborate on a broad array of files externally with consumers or across your company. Besides, whenever a new version of a file surface, the system will automatically notify you. You can also drop and drag several files for easy and quick uploads to Salesforce Sales Cloud with no hassle at all! What's more, you will have full control over all the sharing settings, including who has file editing, viewing and collaboration rights. 

Opportunity Management 

salesforce opportunity pipeline

Opportunity management is undoubtedly one of the best features of the Salesforce Sales Cloud. By using this feature, you can obtain a detailed view of the deals of your teams. You will be able to observe products, stage, quotes, competition and much more! Opportunity management enables you to keep connected to the information and individuals you require to finalize each deal. 

With opportunity management, you can see important details in your consumer activity's timeline. Be aware of who you are actively competing against, which precise stage your deal is currently in, and what strategies you have to execute next to triumph. Plus, with the feature's help, you can track all the connected activities as they take place. Hence, you can get important updates when urgent action is required. 

Tracking things is one of the most useful advantages of Opportunity Management. You can track what products your deal includes and standard price, quantity, product codes and quoted price. Establish quantity schedules and revenue to mirror delivery and payment terms. With Opportunity Management's quoting capabilities (built-in), you can automatically populate a sales quote with pertinent consumer data. You can also produce a PDF file with an efficient template and then email it directly to your consumers from Salesforce with simply a couple of clicks. 

How can Salesforce Sales Cloud help your business Expand? 

Salesforce Sales Cloud help your business Expand

If you run a business or are the head of sales at your organization, the good news for you is that Salesforce can significantly help your business expand in several ways. Some of these include: 

Acquire a greater number of leads 

Indeed, not every individual who responds to an email or visits a website is a lead. Salesforce Sales Cloud helps nurture and cultivate those potential consumers until they become quality leads, all set to purchase. The application then routes these leads automatically to the appropriate representatives at the ideal time. 

Finalize more deals 

Salesforce Sales Cloud facilitates your business in keeping track of your customers' vital information and exchanges in one place. Hence, you can easily access this data at any time and from any place in the world. Thanks to Sales Cloud, you will always have the most updated contact details. You will be able to identify experts in your firm to swiftly answer customers' questions and oversee all pertinent activities of customers to take deals forward. 

Make insightful and prudent decisions

The efficient Salesforce Sales Cloud dashboards provide your sales team members a picture (in real-time) of your business and operations at a glimpse. Comprehensive reports of consumer activity help you track the efficacy of various marketing campaigns. It also helps you arrive at wise decisions by considering the most updated information and determining your business priorities. 

Speed up productivity 

One of the best benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud to your business is that this CRM software enables you to do a lot more from any place you like. Regardless of where you are, you can effortlessly log calls, act in response to work opportunities, hot leads and checkout your dashboards. By automating complicated business procedures and processes, your business will be able to drive even greater productivity with the help of the Salesforce CRM Sales Cloud. 

Are there other Advantages of Salesforce Sales Cloud? 

Some of the additional benefits of the Salesforce Sales Cloud platform include but are not limited to: 

Superior Artificial Intelligence Capabilities 

Einstein Artificial Intelligence

Cutting edge and innovative machine learning technology enable you to acquire better and detailed insights from various sales channels. It also helps to assess the efficacy of the strategy of your business by considering past deals. 

The amazing technology that comes integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud, like Einstein Artificial Intelligence, allows you to automate some of the chief processes fully. Plus, it helps optimize particular tasks to astonishingly high speeds that you could not even imagine before! Besides, Artificial intelligence features of Sales Cloud can, over time, prioritize those specific leads that have a higher chance of converting and closing. 

Automation allows Boost in Efficiency 

One of the prime advantages of Salesforce Sales Cloud is automation is as it drastically helps the users, managers and sales representatives. Automation significantly slashes down the time it often takes to work on potential leads and sending them emails. Furthermore, automation allows you to prioritize certain leads, and that results in more conversion. With Sales Cloud automation, you can easily take care of simple customer queries like the status of an order using automated messaging and chatbots efficiently. 

As the sales teams can have small tasks taken care of automatically, they will have ample time to focus on selling the correct services and products to the targeted and existing customers. 

Your employees will also have the freedom to dedicate themselves to working with consumers who have any complicated needs or questions. Ultimately, with the help of this great Sales Cloud benefit, an efficient organization or business can better serve its customer base with more efficiency. 

Several integration capabilities 

Its rich and varied integration capabilities make the Sales Cloud a genuinely terrific Salesforce CRM platform! 

You have the flexibility to integrate Salesforce Sales Cloud with almost any other important software that your business or company uses. These include an Enterprise Resource Planning system, ITSM eCommerce platform, accounting platform, and many more. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud: Solving Sales Challenges 

Here are some of the important ways the Salesforce Sales Cloud platform can solve some of the pressing challenges and problems businesses face these days. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud platform

Sales Representatives Coaching and Assessment 

When you keep your workers out of the loop regarding their performance and overlook the need for training of employees, it will certainly lead to dissolving trust. And you will not be able to boost your revenues and margins either. Hence, it is imperative to evaluate and coach evaluating the sales representatives in your organization. 

The forecasting and analytics capabilities integrated into the Salesforce Sales Cloud platform help with this evaluation. They allow you to effectively collect the important details regarding your salespeople's performance, analyze and monitor their outcomes and identify those reps who are underperforming. 

When you use the Salesforce Sales Cloud, the process for coaching and assessing becomes far more efficient. Scrutinizing the communication history and account profile helps sales managers spot inefficient constant patterns in sales representatives' work –for instance- communication delays, inadequate needs analysis or poor product presentation. 

Next, the supervisor provides detailed feedback to coaches and sales representatives regarding what to do. The last step is to observe the work of the sales representative to check if incorrect patterns are swapped with new ones. 

Wrapping it Up 

There is no denying that investing in reliable CRM software such as Salesforce Sales Cloud will equip your managers and representatives with just the right tools to boost their efficiency. Furthermore, the Sales Cloud platform is sure to pay a lot of dividends in the long run as you begin selling more effectively and generating more revenue for your business. Hence, owing to the several benefits and features that power this cloud-based platform, it is wise to implement it in your business as soon as possible! 

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