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This article will give you a detailed insight into everything important you need to know regarding the Salesforce application, its various products, and why it has transformed into a prominent market leader in the SaaS landscape. However, before we look into anything else, let’s first look at what Salesforce really is. 

What is Salesforce? 

salesforce market leader

A cloud computing SaaS (service as a software) company, Salesforce excels in CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The services of Salesforce enable businesses and organizations worldwide to utilize cloud technology to connect with potential consumers, existing consumers, and partners in a better manner. This software has become a reputed market leader in various SaaS products and essential for the success of consumers. It also assists businesses in tracking the activity of consumers and offers several other useful services as well. 

Although it has a plethora of applications, its Customer Relationship Management chiefly focuses on aiding organizations with customer retention. It also helps in keeping their consumers content, providing companies with valuable insights and data regarding their consumers, and much more! 

What type of products Salesforce offers? 

Products Salesforce

Salesforce has created a broad range of useful SaaS products that provide an effective end-to-end solution to customers. Particularly for what you are on the lookout for, what you can discover for your specific industry, need, role, or type of business. 

What are the different products that Salesforce Offers? 

The following are the most common product offering by Salesforce, which are incredibly effective and popular. 

Sales Cloud 

Sales Cloud is a highly effective cloud-based Customer Relationship Management application that is one of the primary offerings of Salesforce. The developers have specifically designed it to help your sales agents sell quicker and smarter. It centralizes all critical information of the consumers and records all their communications with your business. Sales Cloud also helps in fully automating most of the basic tasks that sales individuals perform on a daily basis. 

A few of Sales Cloud’s leading features entail opportunity management, contact management, lead management, dashboards and reports, approvals and workflows, sales forecasting, sales collaboration, partner management, and territory management. 

One of the best things about Salesforce Sales Cloud is that it is incredibly easy to use even for beginners. Plus, it is completely customizable to the manner in which your sales agents operate. 

Service Cloud 

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is primarily a customer service application in the Cloud. It helps you and your salespeople deliver more tailored support via a number of channels like live chat, email, and telephone. The Service Cloud console displays all the pertinent details to your agents. These details revolve around each customer case from every division in your company to better agency productivity. This application also boasts a portal (self-service) that allows consumers to seek answers in an independent manner to lower the volume of cases. 

With this essential Salesforce CRM platform, connecting with each customer 1-1, on any device (laptop, smartphone, etc.) and across several channels, was never more effortless! 

Community Cloud 

The Salesforce Community Cloud is an incredibly useful and efficient platform that allows you to create a close community for everybody who bears relevance to the ecosystem of your business. It means that you are not simply connecting and collaborating with employees, consumers, and partners. You are also reaching out to agencies, job applicants, vendors, retail locations, and suppliers, among others. As an online social platform, Salesforce Community Cloud considerably enhances communication and collaboration. It records data and file sharing using any device (laptop, PC, smartphone, etc.) and from anywhere in the world. 

Marketing Cloud 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud by Salesforce is an automation cloud-marketing platform that enables you to deliver personalized and pertinent journeys across various devices and channels. The Salesforce developers created it so that marketers worldwide can send the correct messages to the correct receiver at the correct time, through all the critical stages of the consumer relationship. Marketers can easily guide the one-to-one journeys of customers with remarkable competence and efficiency by fully covering every consumer engagement and interaction. 

Some of the popular integrated consumer solutions of the Marketing Cloud include Salesforce Advertising Studio, email studio, and the Salesforce Data Management platform. 


If you are an existing user of Salesforce, you have most likely heard a lot regarding Pardot. Pardot is essentially an efficient automation marketing solution that helps organizations create meaningful and impactful connections. Thus, it empowers sales to finalize a greater number of deals and generate more pipelines. Pardot supports the requirements and needs of Business 2 Business companies of all sizes. This Salesforce product is also a very effective lead nurturing and generation system that you can use to draw potential leads. 

Commerce Cloud 

Commerce Cloud by Salesforce is one of the most popular products provided by this CRM platform. It is basically an eCommerce platform that helps your particular brand expand quicker and convert a greater number of potential leads into paying consumers. Commerce Cloud merges the buying experience of consumers as it incorporates all pivotal touchpoints. That provides you a holistic view (360 degrees) of your orders, product inventory, and other things. In addition, Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides mobile device commerce with exceptional capabilities (mobile-first) like optimized micro-moments and one-touch payment. 

C level individuals and executives commonly use the Commerce Cloud solution, readily available in B2C Commerce and B2B Commerce product lines (standalone) or as unified, end to end eCommerce products. These people are primarily responsible for the store and customer experiences of a brand, and Commerce Cloud helps them deliver effectively. 

Financial Services Cloud 

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce developers have designed Financial Services Cloud, an integrated platform, to enable closer and long-lasting relationships with clients. Financial Services Cloud is powered by Salesforce Lighting and makes it extremely effortless for many advisors to provide a high-quality service with proactive and personalized advice that clients expect. With a strong and useful set of engagement and productivity features, the advisor can squander less amount of time collecting information about clients and focus more on what really matters. That is offering goal-based and holistic advice, positioning their clients and customers at the crux of each thing that they do. 

Regardless of whether you are an integral part of an insurance organization, a wealth management company or a banking institution, the Financial Services Cloud platform can help your team deliver tailored advice across any device or channel. 

Non Profit Cloud 

Nonprofit Cloud is a very comprehensive platform that provides a detailed set of solutions to help nonprofit firms in powering their specific missions. The developers have built Nonprofit Cloud in alliance with the Non-Government Organization community. It helps companies in offering the ideal experience across the timeline of the donor. Non Profit Cloud brings nonprofit organizations all the necessary tools they require for program management, fundraising, and engagement (omnichannel) in a single place. 

Nonprofit Cloud’s crux is a pivotal application called the NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack). If you hear a person saying that they are making use of Salesforce’s “nonprofit version,” they are most likely referring to the NPSP.  


Heroku is a very important tool that you can use to build applications on the Salesforce Lighting platform. It allows you to expand Salesforce by creating fulfilling experiences via customized applications. The developers have the flexibility to do their coding in the open-source language that they prefer, like Python, Ruby, Node.js, and Java. Heroku provides 3 options (quick-start) to begin building applications. These are Production Starter Kit., Developer Starter Kit, and Hobby. 

Salesforce Analytics 

Salesforce Analytics

A cloud-based platform, Salesforce Einstein Analytics, helps to connect vital data from a number of sources. It also helps in constructing interactive and holistic views of this data and then sharing and passing around these views in applications. Salesforce Analytics is a great means of distributing valuable insight into every business user so they can comprehend and then act on important information that changes often. 

Salesforce Einstein Analytic products entail Service Analytics, Sales Analytics, Business 2 Business Marketing Analytics, Einstein Discovery, and Einstein Analytics Platform. Its developers have created its analytics applications (purpose-built) to uncover important insights, explore data, and take immediate action for each person of your business using any device. 

Salesforce: The Most Prominent Market Leader 

The following are some of the popular reasons why Salesforce is a prominent market leader 

  • All the salesforce products are completely compatible with every common device, such as a laptop, tablet, PC, and smartphone. Hence, your agents can access all the data from any device they want and from wherever they like. 
  • The Salesforce platform gives you ample flexibility to adapt the solution to any specific needs of your business while following the best practices at the same time. 
  • By using Salesforce, companies are able to slash down their overhead costs considerably and boost the productivity of their employees as well. As a result, they are able to save millions of dollars. 
  • Salesforce has a massive community worldwide in terms of consultants, developers, and administrators. These people have ample opportunities to meet each other and learn from each other’s experiences. 

What is Part of the Salesforce Ecosystem 

The following platforms or applications are an integral part of the Salesforce Ecosystem that you ought to know about. 

App Exchange 

App Exchange

Salesforce AppExchange is the most prominent business application marketplace in the world. AppExchange applications are particularly tailored for Salesforce and serve to extend this platform to each industry and department. It is a reliable ecosystem of applications with several customer reviews and assists you in finding the ideal match for your specific business. In addition, Salesforce AppExchange is a lot more than business applications. You will also be able to find consulting partners, components, and developers to aid you in extending the Salesforce power and running your company with applications. 



Trailhead is a Salesforce offering; it is essentially a comprehensive learning experience platform. It is a complete library of resources (educational) that you can access whenever you want. The developers have created Trailhead, keeping in mind what users should learn rather than what training departments should be teaching. To learn different and new skills, you have the freedom to pick from a number of topics, and you can learn at your own pace as well. 


Dreamforce, a 4-day event that happens on a yearly basis, brings together the whole close-knitted Salesforce community. It is a unique experience that marks consumer success and Trailblazers. Dreamforce is the event where all the Trailblazers worldwide come together to share their success, anecdote, and, of course, learn a lot from each other. 


There is no doubt that Salesforce is a very dependable Customer Relationship Management platform. And investing in any of the Salesforce products (such as those mentioned above) is a very wise decision that is sure to pay your business dividends in the future. 

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