Twilio Programmable Video

What is Twilio Programmable Video API?

Twilio Programmable Video

Twilio Programmable Video is essentially a cloud-based platform that enables developers to integrate audio and video chat to Android, Web, and iOS applications. This Twilio platform offers REST Application Programming Interfaces and software development kits. It also provides other useful assist tools that make it very easy to distribute, capture, render, and top-quality record video, audio, and screen shares. Developers have built Twilio Programmable Video on WebRTC.

Twilio Programmable Video: Use Cases 

Twilio Programmable Video has countless applications, making it one of the most powerful platforms in the market. The following are some ways various businesses and other entities use the Twilio Programmable Video for their respective operations.  

Telemedicine Usage 


Video is very critical in the field of telemedicine if you want to deliver top-quality care. Doctors and other healthcare providers rely on a clear image and smooth connection to give an accurate diagnosis, followed by the proper treatment.  

Case to point: Via Doctor on Demand’s (a virtual health care service) mobile site and application, any patient can easily connect with a mental health care professional and Board-certified physician. The patients can reach out from anywhere and at any time of the day. They only need to have a stable internet connection. The core technology behind these doctor-patient connections is a Twilio Programmable Video API. This API allows several businesses to include video (real-time) into their native mobile and web applications. 

The top-quality video connections of Twilio Programmable Video API assist in creating an enhanced healthcare provider-patient relationship. That leads to a superior quality of care, which is why the Doctor on Demand opted for this platform.  

Workplace Hiring and Collaboration

Hiring new employees in the workplace is one of the most popular use cases of Twilio Programmable Video. By leveraging this feature, you can set up virtual job fairs or 1:1 interviews to engage with and recruit different candidates for positions in your companies. Virtual recruitment enabled by Twilio Programmable Video is particularly important during the present COVID crisis. That is because everyone is staying at home and cannot show up in workspaces physically to give their interviews. Courtesy of this Twilio platform and its associated technology, such as video features, individuals can easily give their interviews from any place they want with no trouble!  

Furthermore, Twilio Programmable Video API allows your current workers to work remotely and connect with each other when they want and from wherever they want.  

Expert Clienteling and Servicing

Twilio Programmable video allows you to build excellent consumer relationships with virtual online consultations coupled with follow-up sessions as well. You can integrate these consultations with voice, SMS, and email for a complete end-to-end customer journey. Using Twilio here will also save you a lot of valuable time as you would not have to make in-person visits to your clients. Instead, you can manage everything online thanks to Twilio API.

Education Applications

 Education Applications

Twilio Programmable video can play a critical role in the educational domain as well. If you are a business that runs an educational institute of some kind, you can reinvigorate learning for students using screen sharing, virtual whiteboards, classroom chat sessions, and animations. All of these great features are a part of Twilio Programmable video that you can leverage.

You can also use Twilio Video to maintain the integrity of examinations with the help of video rooms to constantly monitor testing. In this way, you do not have to rely heavily on invigilators or any other external technology.

Video Rooms 

A video room’s notion is critical to Twilio Programmable Video. Such a room is a representation of a virtual space where end-users and customers are able to communicate. A video room technically is a useful computing resource that offers RTC (Real-time Communications) services to consumer applications via a set of Application Programmable Interfaces. To be more specific, a video room offers: 

  • Real-time communication service, which enables participants to communicate video, audio, and data with the help of WebRTC 
  • A session service, allowing end-users to disconnect ad connect from Video Rooms. When a certain end-user connects, we call that individual a Video Room Participant. 

Twilio Programmable Video API exposes 4 Video Room types with different capacities. These rooms include:

  • Group Rooms
  • Small group rooms
  • Peer to Peer (P2P) Rooms
  • WebRTC Go Rooms

WebRTC Go Rooms

Businesses and end-users can utilize Go Rooms for 1-1 video calls. You do not have to pay anything for the participant minutes, and you get 25 GigaBytes of TURN server every month as well. Go Rooms make use of peer-to-peer topology and are comparable to Peer 2 Peer Rooms. That said, the maximum possible number of individuals in a Go Room is just two. Thus, you cannot let in any more people to enter.

Video P2P Rooms

Video P2P Rooms

In a Video P2P Room, all participants directly exchange media so that:

Media is securely and completely encrypted with the assistance of WebRTC protocols. Twilio does not intercede in this exchange that happens via direct correspondence between various participants. It is important to keep in mind that since Twilio does not cut off the media in Peer 2 Peer Room. Hence, it is not possible to transcode or record the media or make it operate with other Real-Time Communication services.

Video Group Rooms

In a Video Group Room, all of the participants are able to exchange media via the Twilio Group Room.

Participants in the Room issue media to a Twilio SFU (Selective Forwarding Unit). A selective forwarding unit is a Media Server that can decrypt the processes and media and then route and re-encrypt the media tracks to the proper destination.

Consequently, media is not End-2-End encrypted as the Selective Forwarding Unit keeps the media encrypt-free in the memory in order to process it.

Since Twilio is acting in the capacity of a “media middle person,” Group Rooms can offer services like PSTN interoperability and recordings.

Notable Features of Twilio Programmable Video

  • Disable or enable the camera
  • Video conferencing using audio and video in real-time
  • Unmute or mute microphone
  • Sharing screens with others
  • Indication of the dominant speaker
  • Bandwidth Profile Application Programming Interface
  • Network quality indicator

The Twilio Programmable Video user interface is another great feature of the of this Twilio platform.

Anyone can navigate the user interface very easily and effortlessly. That said, true to its programmability’s nature, you can customize each component of the User Interface. A business or organization can include elements for the agents or even include various buttons for the consumers. You can use every customization to connect to new channels or carry out functions like producing reports on the performance of agents or showing consumer satisfaction.

Linking Various Communication Channels with Twilio Programmable Video

Communication Channels

One of the best things about the Twilio Programmable Video is that you integrate it with several numerous communication channels. You have the flexibility to select from communication channels that include:

  • Voice: you can use it in 180 nations around the world with PSTN support
  • SMS
  • Facebook
  • Chat
  • Whatsapp
  • Line
  • VoIP: You can embed in mobile and web applications

In addition, you can also add your own channels as per your preference by using the Application Programming Interface.

Numerous Other Integrations

By leveraging Twilio Programmable Video API, you can easily connect this platform with other important applications such as:

  • Zendesk
  • Salesforce
  • Workforce management applications
  • Workforce optimization applications
  • Consumer relationship management applications
  • Analytics applications

The API is incredibly versatile, and according to Twilio, you can seamlessly integrate it with any 3rd party application available in the market.

Prime Strengths of Twilio Programmable Video

The following are some of the key strengths of Twilio Programmable Video:

Quick Deployment

You can easily create and carry out the deployment of the Twilio Programmable Video interface very quickly. You do not have to deal with the restrictions of any SaaS applications with Twilio and have the ability to swiftly deploy a video platform in the cloud that is perfectly customized to your business.

Take Full Control

Twilio Programmable Video interface

Developers can alter, create, or even extend each element of the Twilio Programmable Video API with extreme ease. You can use new channels to supplement your current video platform or utilize an intelligent chatbot and IVR or even transition your complete contact center straight to the cloud!

In addition, Twilio Programmable Video allows you to take full control of your consumer’s journey. With the help of this platform, you can tailor your complete video experience. Make use of flexible Application Programming Interfaces to generate invitation links through SMS to begin video calls, construct customized layouts, integrate phone dial-in, and live chat. You can also then follow up with several mail surveys to gather valuable feedback from all of the participants.

Flexibility to Connect on just about any Channel

Twilio Programmable Video

Slash down your expenses and always keep connected to consumers by providing a broad array of channels that include SMS, Voice, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Web Chat, and LINE. The users of Twilio Programmable Video API have reported saving more than 30 percent on their operational costs.

Twilio Programmable Video helps to Grow your Business

Twilio Programmable Video has the ability to scale like no other kind of video software solution. It delivers enterprise-grade control, scale, and speed on a battle-tested network. In addition, this platform can easily support a number of agents per each installation. Twilio has created it on the Twilio Super Network, which is currently live in a staggering 100 nations with a very impressive 99.99 percent Service Level Agreement. Twilio takes full care of the security, infrastructure, and compliance, so you can put all your focus on your business’s consumer experience.

Let us now look into the pricing plans of this Twilio platform.

Twilio Programmable Video: Pricing Structure

If you are using Twilio P2P Room, you will have to pay 0.0015 dollars for each Participant minute.

A participant only has to pay for the time he or she is connected to a video room. This is regardless of whether they are communicating are not. Twilio does not charge participants for the used bandwidth or the volume of media tracks subscribed or published from the video room.

If you are a participant in a Group Room, you have to pay just 0.004 dollars for each minute.

Similar to a Twilio P2P Room, a participant only has to pay for the time he or she is connected to a video room. This is regardless of whether they are communicating are not. Twilio does not charge participants for the used bandwidth or the volume of media tracks subscribed or published from the video room.

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