Twilio: Everything you Need to Know

What is Twilio?

Twilio is a cloud-based communication platform - the Twilio Consumer Engagement Platform. Twilio's programmable APIs are a set of basic blocks that developers can leverage to create the precise consumer experiences they are looking for.

You can use this consumer engagement platform to practically create any kind of digital experience. You can do this with Twilio's capabilities such as WhatsApp SMS, Video, Voice, Internet of things, and email (more on these later) across the consumer's journey. Twilio helps with communications for more than a staggering 150,000 businesses. It also enables nearly more than 900 billion human connections each year.

Hence, there is no doubt that Twilio is an unrivaled market leader in the landscape of communication infrastructure.

Twilio Products

The following are the most common product offerings by Twilio.

Twilio Flex

Twilio Flex

Twilio Flex is one of Twilio's main and most popular offerings. Twilio Flex is a completely programmable call center in the cloud and offers several businesses 100 percent control of their interactive experience with the contact center. Thanks to Twilio Flex, organizations can deploy a contact center platform (omnichannel) and tailor each component of the experience. That includes the communication channels, agent interface, reporting, and interaction routing to fulfill the business's unique requirements.

There is no denying that Twilio flex is a revolution in the landscape of contact centers. With these exceptional cloud-based services, businesses worldwide can upgrade their communication systems without making a sizeable investment in hardware. If you want to deliver a flawless customer experience, Twilio Flex- the call center in the cloud, is the ideal solution for you!

Twilio FrontLine

Twilio Frontline is a mobile application for consumer-to-employee engagement. You can avail of this particular application now in Private Beta. A store team can leverage Twilio Frontline to serve their consumers who want to ask some questions or make a sale. Relationship managers can use this application as well through a dedicated telephone number.

Messaging APIs

With the help of Twilio's Programmable Messaging API, you can deliver reminders, notifications, and SMS alerts to all of your end-users. One of the best things about this feature is that you can send SMS to customers regardless of where they are. You can also use Conversations API to offer consumer care via SMS interactions (two-way).


Programmable Messaging Application Programming Interface

With Twilio Application Programming Interface, you can send Whatsapp messages to your customers very easily and securely. You also have the flexibility to link WhatsApp and other similar channels of communications such as MMS and SMS using the Programmable Messaging Application Programming Interface. You can also orchestrate multiparty, multichannel interactions with the help of Conversations API.


Twilio Chat makes it very simple to integrate useful chat features into your native smartphone applications and web without scaling or building a chat backend (real-time). Twilio Chat has all the essential features and Application Programming Interfaces to connect with your business logic. That makes sure that you are fully in control.


Twilio's Programmable Fax Application Programming Interface assists you in sending, receiving, and programmatically managing faxes. You may receive and send faxes and check out fax records on your Twilio account.

Email (Sendgrid)

The developers have built Twilio SendGrid to take care of any deliverability challenges. Hence, there is no need for you to concern yourself regarding what happens after you triggering an email. Twilio will help you maximize your inbox placement using effective and streamlined tools, expert services, and insightful recommendations.

Programmable Voice

Twilio Programmable Video

The Twilio Voice Application Programming Interface allows you to manage, make, and route calls to an application, browser, smartphone, or any place else. Thus, you can easily take a call.

Programmable Video

A cloud platform, Twilio Programmable Video, provides flexibility to developers to include audio and video chat to Android, Web, and iOS applications. The platform offers helper tools, SDKs, and REST Application Programming Interfaces. These apps and tools make it straightforward to distribute, capture, render, and record top-quality video, audio, and screen shares.

Twilio Studio

twilio ivr studio

Twilio Studio is a platform that enables you to send data from and to your backend systems to add background to all Twilio-powered conversations. With Twilio Studio, you can create different conversational workflows, from appointment reminders to IVRs to chatbots.

Twilio TaskRouter

twilio taskrouter lead flow

Twilio TaskRouter is a task engine for allocating certain tasks like leads, phone calls, leads and support tickets, etc., to the processes and individuals that can handle them best. TaskRouter example applications include distributing potential leads to your sales agents and distributing calls as well to these agents.


Autopilot is Twilio's conversational Artificial Intelligence platform. You can use it to build voice assistants, IVRs, bots, and so forth. Autopilot integrates Autopilot Action API and Twilio's Natural Language engine to assist you in classifying all consumer concerns with effective self-service workflows. The best part is that Autopilot is an omnichannel platform that functions across various communication devices such as messaging, voice, etc.

The aim of Autopilot is to take care of the FAQs. That said, it can do a lot more than that! As a case to point, it can easily support a normal and natural conversation with a customer and pass off those specific tasks that need notice from a human being.

Twilio Conversations

Thanks to Twilio's Conversation Application Programming Interface, you can create virtual conversations for consumers to correspond across several channels. Rather than creating separate solutions for SMS engagement vs. online chat, you now have 1 Application Programming Interface to build consumer engagement across all platforms.

Twilio Super Network

twilio supernetwork

The Twilio Super Network is a communications infrastructure that consolidates, gathers, and delivers the world's different networks of communication. That enables any business to get in touch with anyone worldwide via any channel through a single provider. The fact that Twilio can integrate software into each distinct component of the network is what makes Twilio Super Network actually super.

Phone Numbers

Twilio's phone numbers provide you immediate access to national, local, toll-free, and mobile phone numbers in more than 100 nations for your messaging and voice call applications. You can make use of local phone numbers for your consumers to text and call. Alternatively, you can utilize your own number.

Short Codes

Shortcodes are special 6 or 5 digit phone numbers that are not as long as a complete phone number. Individuals and firms use shortcodes to receive and send MMS and SMS messages from and to smartphones. Currently, Twilio provides shortcodes in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America. These shortcodes are ideal for sending time-sensitive or high volume messages.

Elastic SIP Trunking

Twilio Elastic SIP trunking

Twilio Elastic SIP trunking is a particular communications option that is slightly more versatile and advanced in comparison to conventional SIP trunking. Elastic SIP trunking leverages the cloud power to bring global reach, immediate provisioning, and routing (data-driven) to the SIP Trunking world. What SIP Trunks do is connect communications infrastructure (IP based) to the Public Switched Telephone Network.


Twilio Interconnect offers a private connection between Twilio and your specific network, providing the best possible performance, lowest latency, and data throughput. Furthermore, as your data never actually reaches the public internet domain, it offers top-notch security and can assure end-to-end quality.

Programmable Wireless

Programmable Wireless provides Internet of Things connectivity and serves the needs of developers worldwide. Analyze, control, and keep track of cellular connectivity via the Twilio API or from your Twilio Console.

Twilio Pay

Twilio Pay is another great added feature of Twilio Flex that a number of businesses can use. With Twilio Pay, you can offer a 100 percent secure payment channel for your consumer base with just a single line of code to activate the service. Feel free to process all your payments via the phone while keeping your sensitive credit card details completely safe. It is always wise to play such things safe!

Super SIM

Twilio Super SIM

Twilio Super SIM is a universal cellular connectivity platform that helps connect your Internet of Things devices worldwide. Leverage available Application Programming Interfaces to program your specific connectivity operations, from tracking data consumption to altering SIM status. You can also send messages (machine-to-machine) to different devices.

Twilio: Common Communication Channels

Twilio is a highly customizable and omnichannel platform. You have the flexibility to select from communication channels that include:

  • Voice: you can use it in 180 nations around the world with PSTN support
  • SMS
  • Facebook
  • Chat
  • Whatsapp
  • Line
  • VoIP: You can embed in mobile and web applications

In addition, you can also add your own channels as per your preference by using the Application Programming Interface.

Why Customers made Twilio Market Leader?

The following are two most of the most common reasons why customers consider Twilio to be the market leader in the communication landscape.

  • Customer Oriented Company: Twilio is popular for providing the best possible support to its customers. Any consumer or business can reach out to Twilio's agents round the clock, who will promptly take care of their concerns.
  • One of the primary reasons people regard Twilio to be the market leader is that they are a very tech-oriented company that keeps pace with all modern developments in the technological landscape. In addition, when it comes to providing cloud-based solutions, no one does it better than Twilio!

How Twilio Can Grow Your Business

The following are some of the ways Twilio can help and grow your business:

Twilio Flex has the ability to scale like no other kind of contact center platform and delivers enterprise-grade control, scale, and speed on a network that is battle-tested. In addition, Flex can easily support a number of agents per each installation. Twilio has created it on the Twilio Super Network, currently live in a staggering 100 nations with a very impressive 99.99 percent Service Level Agreement. Twilio takes full care of security, infrastructure, and compliance. Hence, you can put all your focus on your business's consumer experience.

The Twilio platform brings to you intelligence that is contextual. It entails Twilio Understand for comprehension of natural language, intent extraction, and voice recognition. However, what is even more important is that the Twilio Flex robust architecture is ready for your business's Artificial Intelligence workloads right now and in the distant future as well. This, regardless of whether you select another vendor or your company's data team, invents your own models of machine learning.

As an application call center software platform, you can customize each element of the Flex stack to precisely what your business does. It entails Twilio's routing engine (attribute-based), TaskRouter, along with Studio (drag-and-drop visual editor), that allows you to tailor any kind of workflow. With a user interface that is fully programmable for your supervisor desktops and sales agents, you can integrate with any business process, WFO, and CRM. That would allow you to grow your business while using the Twilio flex contact center in the cloud platform.

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